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What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Research has proved that: ultrasonic wave ACTS on liquid, each bubble burst in the liquid will produce enormous shock wave energy, equivalent to a few baidu's high temperature and instantaneous generation up to thousands of atmospheric pressure, this phenomenon is known as "cavitation effect", ultrasonic cleaning is used in the liquid shock wave produced by bubbles burst to purge and flush effect on the surface of the workpiece inside and outside. Ultrasonic wave spreads in the liquid, causes the liquid and the cleaning trough to vibrate together under the ultrasonic wave frequency, the liquid and the cleaning trough vibration has own natural frequency, this vibration frequency is the acoustic wave frequency, therefore the people hears the buzzing sound.

Ultrasonic cleaner is to remove the liquid and solid contaminants on the working surface, so as to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness. Cleaning is a complicated physical and chemical process.

Cleaning is not only related to the nature, kind, form and adhesion degree of pollutants, but also related to the physicochemical properties, cleaning properties, workpiece material, surface state; Ultrasonic cleaner is a scientific and reasonable cleaning process according to the cleaning conditions.


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