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Cleaning expert Smartclean cleaning machine, let our life more quality

Glasses dirty, wipe, really clean?

In fact, there are a lot of dirt, grease and other dirty things at the seams, no matter how you flush, can't wash.

Smartclean ultrasonic cleaning machine, but you can wash your glasses at home.

Not only that, it can wash gold and silver jewelry, metal watchband, false teeth, braces, razor blade, pen tip and other items, can be said to be very versatile.

A small machine that can clean the whole family's things!

Its cleaning effect is comparable to that of the huge commercial eyeglass washing machine in the eyeglass store.

A pair of old glasses, washed for 1 minute, after taking out the water rinse, dry, put on the feeling that the whole world has become more clear.

Washed four pairs of glasses, after washing the water became very cloudy, feel like a layer of filter. Imagine how dirty they are!

Before washing

After washing

Within two minutes, the old, dirty silver bracelet was as bright and shiny as new.

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