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Caring for Your Sapphire Jewelry: Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Beauty

Jewelry is one of the important items that people use to showcase their taste, and sapphire is one of the best. Sapphire is deeply loved by people for its beautiful color and noble temperament. However, sapphire also requires certain maintenance and care to maintain its high quality and luster. The following are methods for daily maintenance of sapphire jewelry.

Firstly, sapphire has a strong resistance to scratches, but its hardness is not the highest. Therefore, it is important to avoid collisions between sapphire and other materials with higher hardness. At the same time, when wearing sapphire jewelry, one should also avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent scratches or wear.

Secondly, sapphires cannot withstand high temperatures, so when wearing sapphire jewelry, avoid contact with high-temperature items. For example, hot water, steam, and high-temperature ovens should be avoided when wearing sapphire jewelry. In addition, when doing household cleaning, be careful not to use detergents that are acidic or alkaline, to avoid damaging the sapphire.

Thirdly, in the daily maintenance process, sapphire jewelry should be placed in a dry place. If there is dust or other stains on the jewelry, it can be gently wiped with a soft cloth. If the stains are serious, professional jewelry cleaner can be used for cleaning. However, it should be noted that ultrasonic jewelry cleaner should not be used to clean sapphire jewelry, as they can cause damage to the sapphire. In addition, when maintaining sapphire jewelry, care should also be taken to avoid contact with chemicals such as cosmetics and perfumes to prevent chemical reactions to the sapphire.

Finally, if sapphire jewelry is not worn for a long time, it can be stored in a jewelry box or dry place, avoiding exposure to sunlight and damp environments. Sapphire jewelry that is not worn for a long time also needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained to maintain its beauty and quality. Through careful daily maintenance and care, sapphire jewelry can be made more durable and shiny.

Why can't sapphire jewelry be cleaned with jewelry ultrasonic cleaner? To be continued...

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