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What are the characteristics of rubies produced in Myanmar?

Red represents the strongest emotions, the red color of ruby is precious, giving it the symbol of passionate love, beauty, and wisdom, as well as having auspicious meanings. Many celebrities like to wear ruby jewelry, for example, Amber Heard's classic and elegant ruby earrings.

Speaking of rubies, Burmese rubies are the most popular, why is that? Because Burmese rubies have the characteristic of deep red, high transparency, and dazzling brilliance, and are one of the most popular sources, hence the relatively high price. Burmese rubies also have the mystery and legend unique to their place of origin, such as being known as the "Royal Ruby" and one of the sources of the legendary "Dragon's Eye". These factors make Burmese rubies even more precious and sought after.

Myanmar is the main source of high-quality rubies in the world, with an extremely pure lineage. Its main mining areas are Mogok and Mong Hsu. Mogok rubies are the most famous, and for over 800 years, the Mogok mining area has been the supply source for the highest quality rubies on the market, making it a world-renowned location. The top-tier color is known as "pigeon-blood red," a saturated and bright red that belongs to the Vivid Red category. Mogok rubies range from pink to red in color, and are usually distributed unevenly in flocculent and clustered forms, exhibiting a flowing vortex-like feature throughout their overall range, referred to as a "syrup-like" structure.

Mainly identified by color and packaging:
Color - usually bright red (pigeon blood red), rose red, the color is bright but uneven. If you put the ruby ​​in a white porcelain container filled with clear water, you can see uneven red spots or stripes; it has fluorescence, and the color is brighter and brighter under strong light; if it is illuminated with a spotlight in the dark, it looks like a red-hot iron block, and the small engraved surface and edges are not clear.

Parcel Body - There are many parcel bodies of transparent rubies produced in Myanmar, which are important identification basis. Mainly there are several types:
Silky corundum parcel body
The ruby is transparent but not clear, and a milky white silk can be seen under weak light oblique projection. Under weak light observation with a 20x magnifying glass or a 40x microscope, straight or densely arranged silky parcel bodies with 60° and 120° intersection angles can be seen, which are formed by the orientation arrangement of small corundum.

Fingerprint-like inclusions
They are arranged in a fingerprint-like pattern of colorless gas-liquid inclusions and colorless solid inclusions in ruby. Gas-liquid inclusions often have two phases of gas and liquid, while solid inclusions are generally short prismatic with distinct edges.
Fried egg-shaped solid inclusions
Around mineral crystals such as magnetite and apatite inclusions in ruby, a flat crack ring is developed, reflecting white light under illumination and combined with mineral crystals to form a fried egg shape.
Healed fracture surfaces

In ruby, the healed fracture surfaces often reflect white light under illumination. The fracture surface is generally colorless, but sometimes filled with yellow-brown iron. Usually, it is impossible to see all types of inclusions in one particle, but silk-like corundum inclusions should be visible and can serve as an important identification basis for Burmese rubies.

Star Ruby
It usually appears in dark red or dark pink, semi-transparent to slightly transparent, with six-rayed starlight. Three sets of silk-like inclusions with a 60-degree and 120-degree intersection angle, or different shades of color bands and twinning patterns are clearly visible within the gemstone. At the center of the six-rayed starlight, there is a bright spot that spreads outward, and each star line gradually narrows from the center to the edge.

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