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What are the characteristics of ruby produced in Mozambique?

The modern fashion industry also believes that rubies exude a sense of vitality and passion, making them a popular jewelry choice. Additionally, wearing ruby accessories can highlight an outfit and add color to people's appearance.

The ruby jewelry set worn by Taylor Swift is exquisite, elegant and noble. There are many sources of rubies, among which Mozambique rubies stand out as a dark horse in recent years.

Mozambique rubies are of high quality with the following characteristics: 
1. Vivid color: Mozambique rubies are generally brighter and more vivid than rubies sourced from other locations.
2. High transparency: Mozambique rubies have high transparency, displaying beautiful luster and brilliance.
3. High hardness: Mozambique rubies have high hardness, making them less prone to damage during cutting and polishing.
4. Fewer inclusions: Mozambique rubies typically have fewer inclusions than rubies from other sources, making them more valuable and precious.
Due to these characteristics, Mozambique rubies are highly valued by jewelers and collectors, and command higher market prices.

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