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What should be considered when cleaning cultured gemstones?

What should be considered when cleaning cultured gemstones?

When cleaning cultured gemstone jewelry, the following points should be noted:

- First, it is necessary to identify the type of gemstone and choose a cleaning method suitable for it. Different types of gemstones may require different cleaning agents and methods.

- Avoid using hot water or chemical cleaners to clean gemstones to avoid causing damage.

- For porous gemstones (such as coral, pearls, etc.), mild soap and jewelry cleaner can be used for cleaning, but do not soak for too long.

- For highly hard gemstones (such as diamonds, sapphires, etc.), professional ultrasonic cleaners or polishers can be used for cleaning or polishing.

- Do not use brushes or strong wiping when cleaning gemstone jewelry to avoid scratching the surface of the gemstone.
- After cleaning, rinse with clean water and dry the gemstones with a soft cloth in a timely manner. Also, avoid direct contact with high temperatures and chemicals.

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