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Will cultivated gems contain impurities?

Are lab-grown gems as durable as natural gems?

In terms of durability, lab-grown gems are similar to natural gems. They share the same crystal structure, so under the same conditions, they have similar hardness and resistance to wear. However, because they are manufactured in a laboratory, they may have different chemical and physical characteristics, and therefore may excel in certain respects when compared to natural gems. However, the durability of a gem also depends on how it is handled and maintained, so whether it is a natural gem or a lab-grown gem, it still needs to be carefully protected and maintained.

Will synthetic diamond contain impurities?

Cynthetic diamond may contain impurities depending on the raw materials and techniques used in the manufacturing process. If not handled properly, controlled atmosphere or low-quality materials may affect the quality and purity of the diamond. However, most manufacturers use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure the purity and quality of the gem, so most cultivated gems are free of impurities.

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