smartclean ultrasonic cleaner VISION.5



Special Features:


  • Perfect for cleaning eyeglasses dirt and stains
  • Use tap water only
  • Small and light, good for home-use and traveling
  • Patented design
  • Suitable ultrasonic frequency for eye- glasses
  • Fill water with a cup below the "MAX" line
  • Put the glasses in to the tank
  • Connect machine to the power supply
  • Press power switch to start cleaning
  • Press power switch again when the cleaning is finished or it will turn off automatically in five minutes
  • P.S. It is okay to simply use tape use but adding 1 -2 drops detergents will deliver better result.


Rated voltage:                                      DC12V
AC adaptor:                                          AC100V~240V
Rated frequency:                                  50/60Hz
Electricity consumption:                       15W
Ultrasonic frequency:                            45kHz
Material of cleaner tank:                        SUS304
Product size Length:                              Length 185 X Height 59 X Width 98mm
Product weight:                                       About 410g
Internal dimensions of cleaner tank:       Length 173 X Height 45 X Width 82mm
Volume of cleaner tank:                          About 500ml, limit (MAX) standard line is about 450ml
Timer:                                                     Automatically turn off (about 3 minutes)
Accessories:                                           AC adaptor, instruction manual

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