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5 Tips for daily maintenance of gold jewelry

Here are some suggestions for daily maintenance of gold jewelry:

1. Avoid direct contact between gold jewelry and cosmetics, perfumes, hairspray, etc. to prevent contamination and oxidation.

2. Avoid contact with chemicals such as cleaning agents, chlorine water, solvents, etc. These substances can corrode gold and damage its appearance and quality.

3.Avoid storing gold jewelry with other metals or letting them touch. Chemical reactions between different metals may cause gold to discolor or deform.

4.Clean gold jewelry regularly with mild soap and water or professional jewelry cleaner, and gently brush with a soft brush.

5.When storing gold jewelry, put it in a jewelry box or wrap it in soft cloth, avoid mixing with other jewelry to prevent scratching and deformation.

As for why an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is one of the cleaning tools, it is because the principle of ultrasonic cleaning is to use high-frequency ultrasonic waves to form tiny bubbles in the liquid, thereby achieving a cleaning effect. It can deep-clean the small gaps and corners in the jewelry without damaging it, so it is widely used in the cleaning and maintenance of jewelry.

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