Current Jewelry Trends

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Update time : 2023-02-24 12:28:58

Current Jewelry Trends

Power Pearls

Even before Kamala Harris was sworn into office as Vice President of the United States, pearls were a surging trend. However, Kamala Harris has made pearls hotter than ever. Pearls symbolize power and beauty.

Chain Link Love

Chain links are no longer just an 80s trend that we look back on with nostalgia, they are a resurging trend that is here to stay. Chain links and gold chains in a variety of shapes and styles are taking over.

Color (Yellow and Gray)

The Colors of the Year – “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray” – perfectly capture the sentiments of so many of us: partially optimism, partially gloomy. Yellow gems and metals stand brightly alone but pair beautifully with gray gems and metals.

Perfectly Polished

Precious metals have a deep intrinsic value. As metal prices surge, so does the demand. Fashion lends itself to beautiful pieces of gold, platinum and silver pieces of jewelry that are polished to perfection.

Do you worry about maintaining such beautiful jewelry? Here are the tips!

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