Olivia Rodrigo Introduces the Elsa Peretti Bean to a New Generation

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Update time : 2023-02-27 13:45:47
At the 2023 Grammy Awards, she wore the Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Bean design.

LIVIA RODRIGO WAS rocking all black at the 2023 Grammy awards. The look had a welcome minimalistic quality while also including the type of jewels we can all take a lesson from — iconic pieces that continue to be produced by the house that launched them. This was, I believe, one of the first of Elsa Peretti’s sculptural and naturalistic designs for Tiffany & Co. when she started with the house in 1974. It epitomized her affinity for the organic world and for her love of simple yet bold forms. Peretti designed in natural materials as well as silver and gold, and this pendant in black lacquer over Japanese hardwood is a modern take on her original designs.

Styled on Rodrigo, the pendant might appeal to a whole new generation of women, if they don’t own a version of the classic design already. The Bean is available in various sizes, materials and metals and is easy, wearable and a famous jewel all at the same time. The multitalented Rodrigo also wore silver Elsa Peretti bean stud earrings and a simple cabochon ring from the renowned house.

Although the Grammy’s is traditionally the event for more outrageous looks, we can definitely get on board with Rodrigo’s classic cool and clean-lined look.

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